Vijender Gupta – Mission


Shri Vijender Gupta aims to build a model constituency where every citizen has access to clean drinking water, adequate housing and a plethora of employment opportunities to suit one’s skills and needs. He is committed to build New Delhi area as an ideal constituency which provides safety and care to its senior citizens, women and vulnerable sections and adequate health facities for all its citizens. He is determined to provide New Delhi residents a safe, stress free mass transportation, interconnecting various parts of the city with New Delhi constituency.

New Delhi is the area of global importance with worldwide connectivity. He has resolved to not only maintain but further enhance its global appeal by integrating both its urban and semi-urban areas and make it a knowledge hub with a concentration of high value, ecologically sustainable jobs.

Sh. Vijender Gupta is determined to work with a philosophy of ‘Better Governance and Less Government’ and is committed on delivering on his promises with transparency and accountability.

It is his belief that the above actions ensure highest quality of life to its residents comparable to the best globally, and which would act as a magnet for high-end talent across the entire economic and social strata of Indian society.

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